Your way

i am listening to Your soft breaths since quite a while… oh, how i wish i could join You now, in Your beautiful dreams… but i can’t… sleep… i am used to live my life on the floor, move and rest on it… even in heavy captivations… but to find some sleep while i am gagged is always a challenge… still… my pillow is already damp by all the saliva i lost… oh yes, wish i could change my posture, but the restrains didn’t allow it… mmmm let me calm down… please… because i have to be fit … have to be useful for You… tomorrow… who needs a tired slave? and i hate it to disappoint You… so i have to be in a good condition, with high active senses… otherwise i would fail to serve You… at my best abilities… i try to slow down my breath… like You told me… moreover there’s no need for any restlessness… everything is like it should be… like i always craved for… before i became Yours… but You found me… and so i am owned by You… since years now… without any limitations… like it was my wish… truly authentic… awww i love You so much… more than any words ever could say… and You love me… more than ever i could expect… this is a dream came true… so, even the gag is part of it… it reminds me on all of this… and so much more… so i try to welcome it… as a sweet gift… given by my beautiful Owner Mistress… truly it is… because i always wanted to be used this way… without any control… without any backdoor… this is what i call freedom… to be treated the way i am… with the knowledge that You love it this way… Your way… even to think about it makes me wet… but this time in-between my thighs… oh, silly anna, now i am more excited instead of calming down… and i am not allowed to cum… how funny… now i have to start again… to slow down… awwwww i love it

on vacation

again i have to prove my patience… well, often You’ve told me that this is a must-have characteristic for any good slave… and for sure i would like to be the best, for You… but i have to admit that this is a weak point, still… even i’ve trained it countless times… but this time it is different… a couple of days ago i found a note lying beside Your bed, at my usual sleeping place… it just told me the address and the time… somewhere in downtown, thought… so i hurried and took a cab… to see You… i rang the bell on the tick… it was 11 pm… in a dark alley… after quite some time the old wooden door opens up and i faced a house maid, dressed in a traditional uniform… she just asked for my name and told me to follow her… i found myself in a big room dominated by an old but nonetheless precious antique desk as well as suitable bookshelves along the walls… i stood in place like i was told… still i expected to see You, my beautiful Mistress, but after exact 30 minutes a mature unknown woman stepped in… she was very precise but also elegant in her movements… her long dark waveless hair was intermitted by some white wisps… but still she was very attractive… she examined me with her subtle, beautiful eyes… then she told me to undress everything, except of Your collar… like i was trained i lowered myself to the floor… on my knees i expected further instructions… again she started to circling around me… she stopped behind me and within some seconds i felt her crop across my back …ten times in a row… “did I told you to kneel down, Anna?” she asked me with a sharp accentuation… i just replied “i am sorry Ma’am, i thought…” but she interrupted my apology and told me to follow… i was not allowed to speak… she led me to a dark room downstairs, some kind of dungeon, and put me in chains… and still i am, since days now, thought… left here without any further word… in silence… just interrupted by irregularly served meals… and by the Mistress of the house when she is up to use me with her strap-on or her fine crop… i don’t know how long this special lesson will last… but i am sure it is well arranged to improve my abilities… and for sure i won’t disappoint You, my sweet Owner… as i woke up on the very next morning i found a new note beside the breakfast… written with Your own hand… “Anna sweetie, I hope you had a pleasant vacation! I await you at 8 pm. I love you! Your Mistress” …awwwww, i just hope to have a shower before i have to leave this nice holiday resort

no regrets

awwww my soft moaning is breaking the silence, again… dying away in darkness, just illuminated by well arranged candles… in Your fine and exquisite place of torture… i would love to see Your beautiful smile, but my eyes are shut… with Your soft black foulard… still i lay on my back, my arms and legs are spread wide… but this time You didn’t tied my down to the bank… well, i am imprecise… You didn’t used any physical restrains… but i am bound by Your words… immobile, helpless on Your wish, only… You told me that there is no need for any rope or chains… not anymore… since You control me… completely… well, You do… more than i ever thought… so i use my strength to keep my assigned pose, no matter the requirements of the body You own… awwwww… softly i writhe within Your invisible ravishment as the hot wax hits me again… this time on my left solidified nipple… followed by a gentle kiss i have craved for the gone hour… to clear away the pain… or better to say, to transpose it into pure love… all of this and so much more is just possible because of the love we feel… i remember a friend, way back in my former life… she couldn’t understand this special kind of relationship… she told me that if she is in love with someone, she never could give her pain… and as i agreed she was completely confused… i tried to explain that pain is depending on the intention and that my Mistress didn’t want to hurt me… well, not seriously… but of course it isn’t easy to understand if someone didn’t feel it the way i do… and indeed it is related to so many things like my desire to be owned and used… awwwww… well, yes… like i am already being used by my beloved Owner… and even now, as the wax is slowly cooling down on my exposed labia i didn’t regret my longings… especially not as i sense Your gracefully tongue on my excited shiny pearl

the piercing

Anna sweetie? yes, Ma’am? tonight we gonna have some special kind of fun… we will join a soft world bdsm party… some friends will show up and we might find some time for dancing, hon… ohhhh, thank You, Ma’am, i would love to dance with You, my beautiful Mistress… ohhhh I am sure you will, sweetheart, but you will be blindfolded the whole night… ohhhhh, if You wish, Ma’am… indeed, honey… you have to learn to be comfortable with it, even in public… i will do my best, Ma’am … I’m pretty sure, my little one… will you choose the dress for me, Ma’am? I will, Anna, so listen while I give you some instructions… beside the blindfold and my collar of course, you will have some black shiny stilettos… well, and some hand- and anklecuffs, that’s it… ohhh, fine, thank You, Ma’am… you’re welcome, love… I will lead you by my leash, so you will find the way… but keep in mind, I want you to move gracefully, darling, even on stairs… show me your blind trust and I will guard you, so don’t mind, pet… thank You, Ma’am… you will be safe, girl, but due to my choice of your nice outfit, you will be exposed to the wild party crowd completely, so if someone touches you, you will tell me immediately, okay darling? yes, of course, Ma’am… fine… when I take a seat at the bar or on a recliner, you will kneel beside me… of course, Ma’am… well that’s it, moreover this isn’t the first vanilla party we will visit, so you know how to behave anyway, sweetie… yes, my lovely Owner… ahhhh, there’s one more thing, my sweet slave… yes, Ma’am? you will get a nice piercing… uhhhh… yes, on your inner labia… ohhhhh… you know, I like to surprise you, honey… it will be set by a specialist who likes to do it within a public performance, especially for me… that is truly a surprise, thank You, Ma’am… and you don’t mind because of the piercing, girl? it is Your wish, Ma’am, and i am Yours… you are, Anna, completely… and I know that you enjoy it to be my property…  so I like to see a smile on your face over all the time, no matter the pain, sweetie… and afterwards we will find some soft tunes, so we could dance the night away… while I play with your new jewelry 

out of control

ohhhhh my sweet Mistress, did i ever told You how much i love it to repose this way… quietly listening to the anodyne and so intimate sounds while my head is resting in Your lap… truly i love it and i am craving for Your hands stroking softly through my hair… there’s no better place, not for me… and i could lay here, in-between Your thighs, endlessly… and especially after such a delicate and exhausting torture… i think it must be hours since You stopped, maybe i am wrong, because time is relative and could be deceptive… anyway, even now i find myself jerking from time to time… but one is for sure, never before You offered me so many blows… honestly i wonder about myself… how much i am able to sustain? and why it excites me so much? but You know me better than i do and so You led me far behind any edge i thought i could stand… i have to admit, my beloved Mistress, intermittent i thought to lose my consciousness… well, certainly it was just the fear, i think… the fear to be too fragile, the fear to disappoint You… but my love to You prevailed… and the lust… sheer overwhelming… it isn’t the pain in itself… nope, it is the knowledge that i can’t stop it… what makes me wet… being out of control, completely… totally exposed to You and stripped down to my origin… with moistened blindfolds and inner thighs… with juddering overstrained muscles, desperately trying to keep my assigned pose… with the feel of losing my strength with every new impact… and with a most lustful moaning that can’t keep track with the frequency of Your fine crop… then… suddenly… it stops… with a tenderly kiss on my forehead… with my devotion to Your ecstasizing device… and finally… to be reassembled… to be reborn in Your gentle lap… awwwwwwwwwww… Anna sweetie, are You okay? ohhhhhhh yes, my beautiful Owner, i am… thought you were dreaming, my little pet… it is like a dream to be Yours, Ma’am… ohhhh sweetheart, I love you… but don’t forget to clean up my precious crop


Your elegant fingers are stroking through my hair since quite a while… it seems that Your beautiful mind is wandering through luxuriant spring tide fields… since one hour i am not allowed to speak, but i wouldn’t do so anyway …to break the silence… a very pleasant and salving kind of silence… i am floating… so close to You… soft waves of pure love suffuse me… Your fingers start to wander down my face… so soft… like clouds over green smooth hills… to stop above my open wet lips… finally… evoking a smile… and a welcome touch through my tongue… You know how much i love it… while Your hand is lowering like a feather in slow motion, one of Your fingers is penetrating my mouth… awwwwwwwww i just love to lick it passionately… but it was just a whistle-stop… because now Your gentle hand covers my hungry mouth and nose… it seems that You just rest for a while upon Your well known and owned territory… then Your beautiful eyes meet mine… and slowly You enhance the pressure… with an overwhelming momentum of pure lust i start to kiss Your covering soft palm… my breath is running through the slowly closing vents in-between Your fingers… like a crystal mirror it reflects the total and natural control You have over me… there is no escape… not even a longing for… because i am Yours… completely and willingly… from time to time You open little rifts… to let me catch some breath… but these breaks turn shorter and rarer in time… constantly our eyes are in close contact… without the need to validate, You know that my nipples and my clit are in a state of lustful excitement… and the former soft waves inside of me turning into tidal waves to wash away my consciousness… or almost… while gasping for breath i am close to cum… my eyes are begging You… searching for the releasing sign in Your eyes… but instead You cover my eyes with Your hand while Your lips merge into mine… and while i breathe Your breath, You remind me that i am not allowed to cum

the model

okay Anna, now kiss the tips of her shoes… woww, yes that’s perfect, sweetheart… one more try… okay, that’s it, next set… Nadja, take her by the leash and lead her to follow you… absolutely great… love that… thank You! Anna, I will tell your owner that You have done a great job… you have the ability to do exactly what I tell you, without any inhibitions and directly at the point… thank You, Ma’am… ohhhh, honey, please don’t call me “Ma’am”, today you are a model, even if slaves and models have many things in common, I guess… so for you it’s “Fiona”, okay? yes, thank You, Fiona… you are welcome, Anna… so now, I need some more shots, some mood pictures for the new lookbook… we have to drive to a new location, I have hired a authentic dungeon… the second crew is already there and we have to hurry… as You wish, Fiona… that’s what I want to hear, sweetheart… you have to know I wasn’t sure to choose a slave instead of a professional model, but your owner told me that you are a natural and you would be the perfect match to my new collection… and like you could see, it has a lot of fetish and BDSM attitudes… is it a new fashion trend, Fiona? well, since the eighties of the last century many designers likes to work with such things, from time to time, but actually you can see it on catwalks around the globe… it always makes it special, I think… do you like such things, Anna? well, i like what my Owner choose to dress me, and usually i am naked… ohh, that’s great, because for the moods I need you to be naked, or almost… hope you are not shy to show yourself in public? ohhhhh no, Fiona, that’s fine …and my Mistress told me to do everything to fulfill Your wishes, so please don’t care about me… i like to serve, that’s what keeps me spinning… I see, okay, so here we are, let’s have some fun in the dungeon… I want to see you here, tied up and fixed to the wall… maybe a model should whip you… is that okay, Anna? yes, sure, feel free to use me… I will… so could you look a bit more seducing, honey? yesss, that’s it… stay in pose, I want to have some different angles… woww, thank you… my pleasure, Fiona… hmmmm, may I should take you with me, afterwards… if You like, i am Yours until tomorrow… yes, that’s what she told me… and… that you are trained to be a perfect pleasure slave… ohhhh, if that’s what she told You… but still there is so many i have to learn… awwwwwwww honey, you are so sweet… so if you don’t mind, we will see, if you could learn something, tonight… but before we have to finish the shooting… so give me a bright smile while your nipples are tortured by strict clamps and Kate is landing her blows on Your sexy bum 

the auction - part 2

i am excited… but i am not allowed to display it… moreover it would be awkward… awkward to me? ha, that’s funny, i don’t have to feel shame in any way, but it would embarrass the reputation of my beloved trainer and Owner… so i try to distract myself… but still my nipples are hardened and i fear to wet my thighs… of course i am well trained, but this is so special… it must be hours since i took my referred place, still on my knees, without any visible movement… like a nude sculpture in a museum… and similar to that, everyone of the bidder could read my record, displayed just right next to me… i wasn’t allowed to study it, but i am pretty sure it tells everything about me… well, there is nothing to hide anyway, not for me… from time to time single persons or even couples stop and read it, some even inspect me with the also proffered examination gloves… invading my well displayed holes and even survey my teeth or anything else… usually my view is lowered, so i just can see their skirts, pants and shoes… but i am allowed to raise my view or even to speak, if it is the wish of the bidder… still it surprised me that it is so silent for such a great hall… with many displayed slaves kneeling on their block, ready for the auction… ready for their new Owner, they probably never saw before… ready to serve and obey them… and maybe ready to fall in love with them… and all of this just because they feel the drive to serve and have the need to be owned… like me… and only a few of them are here today for charity reasons, like i am… so i will be sold for just two weeks only and afterwards i will be back to my beloved Mistress… but even that is very thrilling… to be in the hands of a strange woman or man… well they say, as a true slave you have to be bi anyway, but of course even a slave has it’s preferences… but they are petty… so who cares? moreover to me it is just for a short period of time… and i will have new experiences… mmmmmmm like the strange fingers running down my spine, just to stop for a split-second as they reached my tushy to slap it several times… maybe to have an impression of the skin reaction… i don’t know, but it is greatly appreciated as a nice distraction… because i have to manage myself to keep my pose… nonetheless a soft moan leaked my mouth as these fingers penetrate me… Anna sweetie? ohhhh, yes, Ma’am? are you dreaming, darling? nope, Ma’am, i just reminding the charity auction… i see, so would you like to join it a second time, sweetheart? if it is Your wish, Ma’am, but i am happy to have found You, my sweet Mistress… i know, hon, and You could be sure to be mine forever… and just by the way, my little slave, the kitchen floor is still tarnished… ohhhhhhhhh, i am sorry, Ma’am, i am on my way… good girl 


Anna sweetie? yes, Ma’am? I have thought about the torture you have reported yesterday, love… and I am very happy that you have survived it… yes, Ma’am, thank You… believe me, during these days i wasn’t sure if i would… ohhhh yes, sweetheart, you could be lucky that this woman who used you as her whore wasn’t part of the mentioned worldwide human trafficking, otherwise you wouldn’t be here anymore… i know, my sweet Mistress, i have fought against those criminals… yes, you told me about your feministic group you’ve joined as you were at the university, but you run in a similar situation even though …and this, darling, has to be punished, even after all the years… i know, i was feather-headed, Ma’am… ha… that’s a big understatement, my sweet little slave… there are no excuses for a slave, even if you’ve longed for the real thing, hon… well, indeed this was real and so I don’t ask you if you have enjoyed parts of it, but, my darling, this kind of reality has nothing in common with the D/s-BDSM world we call our lifestyle, so bend over to receive some good reminders …and don’t forget to start counting, love… yes, Ma’am, thank You

the date - part 2

awwwwwwwwww thank You, Ma’am… you are welcome, Anna sweetie… so let me wipe off your tears hon and then go on with your report… yes, Ma’am… well, the second date with her was similar to the first… she picked me up in the club, blindfolded me and we drove to her apartment, she tied me to her bed, she used me and this time in addition she also whipped me, afterwards she drove me back and dropped me out like trash… I see, love, but what was your motivation to see her again? You know, my sweet Mistress, before i met You, i always was searching for the real thing, i played so many games, but they never really satisfied me… and she was real? yes, i thought… okay, but this wasn’t all i guess, Anna? true, Ma’am… after some time she contacted me again via mail, she told me that if i really like to be treated like a slave i should meet her again… and she asked for some more time, at least seven days in a row… so i took some days off to meet her… she told me that this time we will drive to a different location and i should step into the trunk of her car… before she closed it, she tied me up an gagged me… well, this time it was different, she has promised it, so i let things happened… and you trusted her, sweetheart? not really, but so far she never harmed me seriously, Ma’am… and on the other side, well, it excited me… ohh, dear… so finally the car stopped, it must be hours ago since the journey started, but it was still dark… she released me from the bonding around my ankles… instead she collared me and led me with the attached leash into a country house, built in a typical southern style… i followed her into a huge bedroom, furnished in a very abundant way… like the dates before she tied me to the bed, then she left the room for about one hour… i was a bit tired and fall to sleep as she came in, followed by a woman i never saw before…  both were very attractive and so i thought, okay, let’s have a nice threesome… but she just told her friend, well i thought, she was her friend, that she could use me for everything she likes… she took a seat in front of the bed and her friend had her way with me… at first she slapped me in the face and fingered my pussy, then she used a strap-on to fuck me, hard as i never had it before… after she finished her thing, she and my mysterious date left the room, without any word… i needed some time but then i fall to sleep again… a collared maid woke me up and took my leash to lead me to the adjoining bath, as i cleaned myself, i saw some breakfast on the floor, nearby the bed… and believe me, i was hungry and thirsty… afterwards she tied me back to the bed… then my chosen Mistress for the seven days came in, again followed by a strange woman… she was in her mid fifties, i supposed, but in a good condition… she also used me and forced me to drink her pee… all of this repeated over the next days, i was used by so many strange women and later on also men, I stopped to count them… a few times i was used by couples or even more involved persons… i was fucked, forced to blow jobs and similar things, lashed, caned, cutted, tortured in many ways and anything else You can imagine… finally i was stowed back into the trunk and disposed in the same dark and dirty alley… well, that’s it, Ma’am… ohhhh my dear, I am very sorry for it, sweetie… i needed a few days to recover… I can imagine, love… did you contacted the police, hon? nope, You see, it was my own decision to follow her… but, well for sure the whole thing reminded me a bit on human trafficking… please see, Ma’am, as i studied i joined a feministic group and we organized demonstrations against it and suddenly i found myself into such a situation, just because i love to be owned and used… i was very confused… I see, darling, and again, I am very sorry for your experiences, but this wasn’t the real thing you were searching for… also there is a huge difference between being using someone as a sex slave to exploit her body and a true serious ownership of a slave by her own free will… yes, so true, Ma’am, of course i love it to be used, but there’s also one thing which is very important to me… and at least this piece was missing… love… indeed, Anna sweetie… but now, you are mine, and I love you, Anna… yes, my beautiful Owner, and i love You… true, and this is the only way it should be

a lustful device

lustful waves suffuse me… it seems to me that i try to control it for hours now, try to control the natural consequences… cause i hate it to disappoint You… it is part of the training, You told me… ohhhh yes, it is a torture, even though a very sweet kind of it… so from time to time i move against the tight ravishment, try to escape the anxiety for relief… You know that it isn’t easy, but You wouldn’t ask for it if it would… a matter of control, control of the body You own… so it is just Your right… and i try to divert myself, to fight for Your right, but even the gag still diffuses Your delicious flavor in my mouth… so all You might can hear is my suppressed moan… if You are around, if You monitor me… i am not sure, since You covered my eyes and plugged my ears… ohhhhhhhhhhh please, Ma’am, i am not sure how long i could stand it anymore… i beg You with my inner voice… but the vib is still purring on top of my thrilled shiny clit… suddenly i sense Your soft warm lips on my forehead and within seconds You remove the earplugs, so i could hear You… I am sorry, Anna sweetie, I was on the phone and forgot about time… awwww, but now there is no longer a need for this little device… let me replace it with my tongue and show me, how obedient You are, love… and if You satisfy me and follow my wish, well … maybe you will be allowed to cum for me, hon… awwwwwwwww thank You, Ma’am… it’s okay sweetheart, well maybe tomorrow 

the date

Anna sweetie? yes, Ma’am? did you ever made experiences in online dating, hon? ohhhhh yes, Ma’am, several years ago i had a online affair with dominant lady… after a while she wanted to meet me… she chose a seedy SM club… to my surprise her appearance made a great contrast to the environment… her shiny tight black leather dress punctuated her tantalizing curves and she was as beautiful as her online pictures suggested… so i followed her home… blindfolded, like it was her wish… at home she told me to strip down everything except of my underwear… then she tied me to her bed and removed the blindfold… it was a very luxurious room with warm colors and so i felt comfortable in my ravishment… she let me alone for some time… suddenly she appeared with a sharp knife in her hand… she focused me purposeful and started to kiss my well draped and helpless body… i tried to talk to her, but she commanded me to be silent… then she cut up my panties and my bra… as she kissed my lips she had her knife close to my throat… i wanted to start to cry out, but her eyes signalized to remain silent… she reached out for her strap-on and worked on me hard and implacable… again i was surprised… all of this excited me… and so it doesn’t needed much time before i was shaken by a huge orgasm… i noticed just a flighty smile on her face, but she didn’t cared and continued to use me… after awhile she untied me, told me to dress and blindfolded me again… finally she dropped me out of her car in a grungy lane near the club… did you regretted to meet her, sweetheart? of course not, Ma’am, You know always i longed for the real thing… and that was real, no game