about fantasies

Anna sweetie? yes, Ma’am? tell me about your fantasies… awwww my beautiful Mistress, since i am Yours, i live my fantasies in every single second… because it was always my deepest wish to live my life as a slave owned by the woman i truly love… to obey and serve her, to fulfill all of her wishes and thus to see her happy… well, okay, but your life is completely under my control, hon… and when you live your fantasies now, like you said, then it means that even your fantasies depend on my decisions… yes, Ma’am, of course You are true… i am completely Yours and i don’t have any control… and exactly this is what i longed for since i was a little girl… well then, sweetheart, so let’s plug in the gag… let us hope that this captivation is also part of your fantasy, because this is what you have to live with for the next hours… 

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