the auction - part 2

i am excited… but i am not allowed to display it… moreover it would be awkward… awkward to me? ha, that’s funny, i don’t have to feel shame in any way, but it would embarrass the reputation of my beloved trainer and Owner… so i try to distract myself… but still my nipples are hardened and i fear to wet my thighs… of course i am well trained, but this is so special… it must be hours since i took my referred place, still on my knees, without any visible movement… like a nude sculpture in a museum… and similar to that, everyone of the bidder could read my record, displayed just right next to me… i wasn’t allowed to study it, but i am pretty sure it tells everything about me… well, there is nothing to hide anyway, not for me… from time to time single persons or even couples stop and read it, some even inspect me with the also proffered examination gloves… invading my well displayed holes and even survey my teeth or anything else… usually my view is lowered, so i just can see their skirts, pants and shoes… but i am allowed to raise my view or even to speak, if it is the wish of the bidder… still it surprised me that it is so silent for such a great hall… with many displayed slaves kneeling on their block, ready for the auction… ready for their new Owner, they probably never saw before… ready to serve and obey them… and maybe ready to fall in love with them… and all of this just because they feel the drive to serve and have the need to be owned… like me… and only a few of them are here today for charity reasons, like i am… so i will be sold for just two weeks only and afterwards i will be back to my beloved Mistress… but even that is very thrilling… to be in the hands of a strange woman or man… well they say, as a true slave you have to be bi anyway, but of course even a slave has it’s preferences… but they are petty… so who cares? moreover to me it is just for a short period of time… and i will have new experiences… mmmmmmm like the strange fingers running down my spine, just to stop for a split-second as they reached my tushy to slap it several times… maybe to have an impression of the skin reaction… i don’t know, but it is greatly appreciated as a nice distraction… because i have to manage myself to keep my pose… nonetheless a soft moan leaked my mouth as these fingers penetrate me… Anna sweetie? ohhhh, yes, Ma’am? are you dreaming, darling? nope, Ma’am, i just reminding the charity auction… i see, so would you like to join it a second time, sweetheart? if it is Your wish, Ma’am, but i am happy to have found You, my sweet Mistress… i know, hon, and You could be sure to be mine forever… and just by the way, my little slave, the kitchen floor is still tarnished… ohhhhhhhhh, i am sorry, Ma’am, i am on my way… good girl 

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