the piercing

Anna sweetie? yes, Ma’am? tonight we gonna have some special kind of fun… we will join a soft world bdsm party… some friends will show up and we might find some time for dancing, hon… ohhhh, thank You, Ma’am, i would love to dance with You, my beautiful Mistress… ohhhh I am sure you will, sweetheart, but you will be blindfolded the whole night… ohhhhh, if You wish, Ma’am… indeed, honey… you have to learn to be comfortable with it, even in public… i will do my best, Ma’am … I’m pretty sure, my little one… will you choose the dress for me, Ma’am? I will, Anna, so listen while I give you some instructions… beside the blindfold and my collar of course, you will have some black shiny stilettos… well, and some hand- and anklecuffs, that’s it… ohhh, fine, thank You, Ma’am… you’re welcome, love… I will lead you by my leash, so you will find the way… but keep in mind, I want you to move gracefully, darling, even on stairs… show me your blind trust and I will guard you, so don’t mind, pet… thank You, Ma’am… you will be safe, girl, but due to my choice of your nice outfit, you will be exposed to the wild party crowd completely, so if someone touches you, you will tell me immediately, okay darling? yes, of course, Ma’am… fine… when I take a seat at the bar or on a recliner, you will kneel beside me… of course, Ma’am… well that’s it, moreover this isn’t the first vanilla party we will visit, so you know how to behave anyway, sweetie… yes, my lovely Owner… ahhhh, there’s one more thing, my sweet slave… yes, Ma’am? you will get a nice piercing… uhhhh… yes, on your inner labia… ohhhhh… you know, I like to surprise you, honey… it will be set by a specialist who likes to do it within a public performance, especially for me… that is truly a surprise, thank You, Ma’am… and you don’t mind because of the piercing, girl? it is Your wish, Ma’am, and i am Yours… you are, Anna, completely… and I know that you enjoy it to be my property…  so I like to see a smile on your face over all the time, no matter the pain, sweetie… and afterwards we will find some soft tunes, so we could dance the night away… while I play with your new jewelry 

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