being tied down

as i woke up this morning, i felt that i am still tied to the bed and i remembered Your words…

you will be unable to stay up, darling… the restrains will be not too tight, but they keep you in place by allowing you to stretch and move your muscles from time to time… this is a great concession and I hope you can appreciate it, sweetie… but otherwise your body would ache in a immense way, especially if you have to stay in this position for seven days…

Anna sweetie, are You awake? yes, Ma’am, i am… well, my little pet, I know you love it to be tied down, to be completely in my hands… ohhhh yes, Ma’am, but i am yours with or without any restraints… so true, sweetheart, but this time I prefer restrains… so tell me, now after four days, how do you feel? well, i couldn’t remember to be tied down for such a long time constantly, Ma’am… my body is aching, especially my lower back, even if i try to change my position a bit from time to time… ohhhhh I am sorry for this inconvenience, darling, but at least you are my property… and you have to endure it for seven days, like it is my wish… but believe me, hon, the real pleasure will start soon and you will forget the minor discomfort of being held in place… thank You, Ma’am… you are welcome, slave 

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